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Good news! Transmission has been accepted into the Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival!

The festival will take place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in December; I’ll have more info closer to the screening. But seeing as it’s so close to home, I might actually be able to make it to this one.

If you can’t wait till then, or can’t make it, you can still purchase the limited edition Transmission cassette and get instant access to the film!

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    REMINDER Transmission will be screening TOMORROW at the Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival in Williamsburg,...
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  14. privyfarms said: That’s fantastic! Congrats and keep up the awesome work!
  15. hamhead said: Congrats Jared! I hope it is well recieved! It deserves it! I’m in the process of starting my thesis film this year. I will return the favour with a postcard in the future :)
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  17. barabones said: Now I need to dig up my old cassette player out of the darker recesses of my basement. Congratulations on getting in!
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