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So, it’s officially time to reveal some super exciting news! Transmission will be screening at both Comic-Con International’s and Dragon*Con’s Film Festivals this year! But the news doesn’t end there…

Comic-Con has invited me to do a panel Q&A session in addition to screening the film, which will make this the first time that I’ll be discussing the film and answering questions with people that have seen it. That will be happening on Thursday, July 18th at 7:40 PM, here is the event page for room location information. I’m VERY excited for this!

In addition, the film will also been screening at Dragon*Con, but due to my prior engagements in Vermont for the entire month of August, I will be unable to attend.  HOWEVER, the film’s composer, Chris Roberts, will be in attendance for this, which will be his first appearance at any screenings for the film! There’s no specified date/time (between August 30th and September 2nd) for this screening yet.

If you cannot wait, or cannot make it to any screenings, tapes are still available!

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    REMINDER! For those going to San Diego Comic-Con this week, my film, Transmission, will be screening on Thursday, July...
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